I am an Assistant Professor of Data Science and Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University.

My research interest is in scientific machine learning (SciML). My past work has focused on machine learning for pattern recognition and discovery in large, noisy sensor data sets, with applications in earthquake seismology and biodefense.

I did my postdoctoral training at Harvard University as a Data Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow in Computer Science. I earned my Ph.D (and M.S.) in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University, where I was advised by Greg Beroza, Professor of Geophysics. I am an alumna of Brown University, where I earned a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. I have also worked as a data scientist at MIT-Lincoln Laboratory.

I am also passionate about data science education and diversity and inclusion in data science. I have taught a number of courses and workshops that aim to make data science accessible to students and professionals from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.

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