Machine Learning for the Earth & Environment

EEPS 1340 / 1960D:  Machine Learning for the Earth and Environment

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Course Description:

This course introduces science students to modern data science tools for exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling with machine learning, and scalable algorithms for big data. Familiarize students with a cross-section of common machine learning models and algorithms emphasizing developing practical skills for working with data. Topics covered may include dimensionality reduction, clustering, time series modeling, linear regression, regularization, linear classifiers, ensemble methods, neural networks, model selection and evaluation, scalable algorithms for big data, and data ethics. The course will present case studies of these tools applied to problems in the Earth sciences. Intended audience is advanced undergraduate and graduate students in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences or other physical science disciplines. Students will practice and develop their skills in data science through a hands-on project on a topic of their choice. This course is taught using the Python programming language.